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El Camino Real in English "The Royal Road" or some say "The Kings Highway" was the first European road traveled in North America. Actually, all the lands and all the roads belonged to the Spanish Throne and thus, were all "Royal Roads." The original Conquistadors, Coronado, Anza and Onate were exploring long, lonely and dangerous routes searching for gold but discovered a mostly uninhabited North America. Once pioneering began in New Mexico, Texas and California the previous exploration routes became wagon trails for commerce linking the early missions and settlements. In New Mexico and Texas settlers followed the “Rio Bravo del Norte” todays “Rio Grande” river; but in “Alta California” or Northern California Spanish Catholic priests marked the trails for travelers by spreading poppy seeds which would give color the following year and later become the state flower. By 1906 Californians began placing distinct bells to show early automobile enthusiasts the route.

We named our company El Camino Real Financial Advisors in the same spirit and goal in mind, to help investors find their way.

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