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SEC and State Registration and Jurisdictions

El Camino Real Financial Advisors, (ECRFA) web site does not represent an offer of or a solicitation for advisory services in any state or jurisdiction of the United States or any country where the firm is not exempt, filed notice, or registered. ECRFA is registered in the states of NM, CA and TX.

ECRFA provides advice and makes recommendations based on the specific needs and circumstances of each client. Clients should carefully consider their own investment objectives and never rely on any single chart, graph or marketing piece to make decisions.

ECRFA does not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax adviser or legal counsel for assistance with your specific needs.

Custodians: El Camino Real Financial Advisors and our Custodians are separate and unaffiliated firms, and are not responsible for each other's services or policies. Our Custodians do not endorse or recommend any advisor and the use of any Custodians logo does not represent the endorsement or recommendation of any advisor.

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